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Trade-In Your Car With Transwest GMC

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your vehicle to something more exciting for your Denver commute, consider trading in your vehicle at our dealership. While you can certainly sell your vehicle on your own, you’ll have to consider the downsides that come with selling your vehicle via a private party. When you sell your vehicle on your own, you’ll have to worry about completing the paperwork correctly and dealing with strangers test-driving your vehicle around Brighton, among other safety concerns.

When you sell or trade-in your car with our team, you can expect the experience to be seamless, making it a no-brainer choice when it’s time to upgrade your adventures. Not sure where to start? Learn how to trade in your car today with Transwest GMC and be sure to explore our selection of new and pre-owned vehicles to find a high-quality ride you can trust!

Steps On How To Trade In Your Car

Before we go over how to trade in your car, we want to touch on vehicle equity. When you trade in your car, you’ll often have something called equity. Equity is simply the difference between your vehicle’s worth and the amount of money left on your auto loan. Positive equity is when your vehicle is worth more than you owe and can often result in a lower monthly vehicle payment on your new auto loan.

Being “upside down” on a loan means you have negative equity so your vehicle is worth less than you owe. Both situations are often common to deal with and our finance experts can help you with your vehicle trade-in, no matter what kind of equity you have. Now that you know what equity means, let’s discover the typical process for trading in your car:

  1. You can start the trade-in process by utilizing our trade-in tool. Our trade-in tool is easy to use and you can even start from the comfort of your own Thornton home. All you’ll need is a few simple pieces of information about your vehicle.
  2. After you’ve got a trade-in estimate, you’ll want to schedule a trade-in appointment with our team. When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll go over your vehicle’s details and confirm your trade-in offer.
  3. If you accept our trade-in offer, we’ll complete the paperwork for you and go over your options in terms of selling or trading in your vehicle.

It’s that easy to trade in your car at our Henderson dealership so don’t hesitate to get started when you’re ready for an upgrade.

Upgrade Your Commute Today With Transwest GMC!

Life’s too short to drive a vehicle you don’t enjoy and our experts at Transwest GMC are ready to help you take your adventures to the next level. Connect with us today to find out what steps you can take to upgrade your commute!