The Powerful Electric Vehicle Blink DC Fast Charger

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The Blink 60kW DC Fast Charger is an all-in-one charging station
that’s fast and convenient to use. Allowing all electric vehicles to be charged up in a short span of time. This compact charger is high performing and provides up to 140 amps of power.



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Safe & Reliable

The Blink charger comes equipped with temperature sensors, an emergency stop function, and multiple voltage protections that make it a very safe and reliable EV charger to use. Have peace of mind while charging up your electric vehicle.

Equipped with a power electronic cooling that will transport heat away from the EV charger when it has a higher temperature than the surrounding temperature. This cooling process is achieved with air cooling.

There is an emergency stop function in which you are able to manually disable output power with an emergency stop. In case you notice something wrong with your vehicle, or simply want to stop its charging, then hit the handy emergency stop button.

10” LED Touch Screen

With the 10-inch LED touch screen display you’ll find instructions and real-time feedback while charging up your car.

CCS1 16 ft Connector

Configured with a CCS1 connector. This connector will offer dual charging capabilities, so that you can connect two vehicles at the same time! Create the space you want while you charge with the 16 ft extension capability.


What Are The Benefits of Having an Electric Vehicle?

If you’re unsure of what benefits you have to owning an electric vehicle, then here are a few: zero emissions, renewable energy, reduced maintenance, quieter drive, and unbeatable performance. Read more in this article:

Benefits of Electric Cars


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Charging Time

The total charging time will depend on the vehicle you have. The battery capacity/size (kWh) on your car, the charging power of the EV charger (60 kW), the current charge level and target charge level are all factors that will determine your charge time when visiting Transwest GMC’s EV charger available.

Estimate your charging time with this calculator:


Electric Vehicle Charging Time Calculator


To estimate the charging time with the Blink 60kW DC Fast Charger input 60 kW as the charging power and your car’s vehicle battery capacity into the “By Battery & Power” tab in the charging time calculator to find out its charging time! Keep in mind that this will be an average charging time and not exact for your vehicle.



Blink Member Benefits

You can track your charging history as a blink member, while also seeing where you charge at most often, the fuel costs savings, and your CO2 reduced. There is easy access to the Blink Map with status information in real-time.

Member and Non-Member Instructions


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