How To Check Your Car's Oil & Why It's Important

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil


Your vehicle depends on oil to run smoothly on the Denver roads. Oil acts as a lubricant for many moving parts in your vehicle’s engine and can even protect it from excess heat. If you don’t change your oil, you could run into many issues and even be left stranded in Brighton. When you schedule a service appointment with our team, we’ll inspect all the fluids in your vehicle, including oil, to ensure that you can enjoy it for many miles ahead.



However, it’s still a good idea to know how to check the oil level in your car to catch any issues before they turn into a bigger problem. You should be checking your oil at least once a month to maximize your vehicle’s performance. Not sure how to check the oil level in your car? Our service experts at Transwest GMC can help. Discover how to check your car’s oil today!

Steps On How To Check Your Car’s Oil

When you’re checking your engine oil, you’re looking for any abnormalities in texture and even smell. Extremely thick oil with a burnt smell could mean that your vehicle is having some issues. Additionally, be sure to check your vehicle for any leaks as you don’t want to be running low on oil on your Thornton commute. Now that you have an idea on what to look for, here’s how to check the oil level in your car:

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground.
  2. With the vehicle off, open your hood.
  3. Locate the engine oil dipstick.
  4. Remove the engine oil dipstick and check its consistency and smell. If you notice anything unusual, visit a service center immediately.
  5. Wipe off any excess oil from the engine oil dipstick.
  6. Put the dipstick back into the tube and remove it once more.
  7. Inspect the oil level. You’ll notice markings on the dipstick that indicate where the oil level should be.
  8. If you’re running low on oil, you can reach out to our team to discover the next steps.

Remember that the process of checking engine oil can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Additionally, if you need to add engine oil, keep in mind that you should be using the correct oil type. Our team is more than happy to help if you have any questions.

Let Us Get Our Hands Dirty for an Oil Change in Henderson

If you find that you need an oil change, you can always get in touch with our service team at Transwest GMC. We’re more than happy to get our hands dirty so that you don’t have to. Let us help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition!


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